“My goal in life is to be
 as good a person as my
 dog already thinks I am.”

 - Author Unknown

About Us

Growth Plan

Pawds Across Canada
Our goal for the growth of ElderDog Canada across the nation is to expand at a modest, sustainable rate. Key to this growth is the establishment of local chapters (pawds) and regional nodes.
A cluster of local pawds will form a regional node.

Setting up a local Pawd can be an individual endeavour or a collaborative project shared by two or more interested individuals. Typically, starting a Pawd involves becoming a member(s) of ElderDog, submitting a local growth plan consistent with one or more of ElderDog’s  objectives, providing individual or shared leadership that involves recruiting and coordinating volunteers, fund raising and, of course, carrying out planned activities.

While each Pawd will reflect the uniquenesses of local community needs and interests as well as the energies of those involved, Pawds across Canada are united by their adherence to the vision, mission, goals, and values of ElderDog Canada.

In order to support the growth of Pawds across Canada and coherence within the organization, prospective Pawd leaders are provided a start-up kit and mentored through the start-up process. Our goal is to foster a strong sense of community within the ElderDog organization. We do this through ongoing and open communication among Pawds and between Pawds and National Office.



Download the Elderdog Guide below which explains how to set up a Pawd, or contact us to have a printed version mailed to you.