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ADOPT ME! | SOPHIE is a 12 year old (almost) Puggle who is being rehomed because one of her humans has a physical disability and is unable to continue her care. She currently lives with her Beagle sister, but they are not a bonded pair and Sophie is able and willing to live on her own. Sophie is affectionate and loving once she has come to trust a new person. In fact, she gets so very attached to her human/s that she finds it difficult being left alone for long. However, we feel that she has great potential in a calm home where she is the only pet and can have regular routines, lots of walk time and personal attention. This should be a home where someone is home most of the day to reassure her. At present her nervousness extends to vet visits, nail trims and car rides (and she is occasionally given Alprazolam). She is generally in good health with the exception of mild environmental allergies which are currently controlled with Apoquel when they become acute). She is spayed and up to date on her vaccinations. Sophie spends a good part of the day sleeping, but she really enjoys having her sleep interrupted by a good walk. She gets quite excited and will pull at first, so a harness is advised. She also loves cheese and Kong type toys. She has not been tested with cats, but probably would not be a fan. She is also not keen on small children, excessive noise, or being picked up. But she loves being brushed and snuggles with her human, so a calm home with a senior human companion would be ideal.

Sophie is currently located in Waterdown, ON. Transportation can be arranged for out of province. If you are interested in giving this lovely girl a new forever home, please contact April Kilfoyle at or by phone at (905) 749-6790.