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Zhoosh: 8-year old, male, black Lab cross, neutered, 70 lb.

Zhoosh is extremely intelligent, playful and loving. He will greet you at the door with wiggles and often his favourite toy . He is a very strong, energetic and active dog despite his age - he needs lots of physical and mental exercise and stimulation. Some of his favourite activities are chewing bones, chasing other puppy friends at the dog park, and following scent trails on his walks - he has the most incredible nose! He enjoys rolling on lawns and even seems to have favourites. When you need some downtime, he is great at just hanging out and keeping you company. His calm side loves to nap and cuddle. Zhoosh’s personality is an incredible balance of both energetic and easygoing - he will have your heart from day one and bring so much joy and companionship to your life. For 7 years, Zhoosh was the companion to a person who was homeless. For the past 5 months in a family home, he was able to be left alone for 4-5 hours at a time. However, he gets separation anxiety when under stress, ie changing homes, changing routines. Zhoosh will need someone home most of the time and who can work with his anxiety. He’s otherwise a very well-behaved boy. He can be leash reactive to other dogs but plays well off leash. He has a strong prey drive for cats and squirrels. He has not lived with children and would not be appropriate for a home with small children.

Zhoosh has recently been to the vet. He is up to date with all his shots and vaccinations. Zhoosh is currently in Maple Ridge, BC. For more information on adopting Zhoosh, please email Michelle at or 1-855-336-4226.




Say hello to Chito: a sweet senior Shih-Tzu from Fredericton looking for a forever home to spend his retirement years. Chito is 14.5 years old and weighs about 20 pounds. He has been well taken care of with regular vet visits and monthly grooming appointments. Chito has had dental surgery to remove problematic old teeth, he is up to date on vaccinations, he is healthy for his age with the only ‘issues’ being arthritis in his hips and cataracts that cause some vision loss. Chito takes medication daily for his arthritis (powder on food), and also takes eyedrops daily. Chito does seem to have allergies that cause him to scratch and rub his face, but despite best efforts by his vet and former owner, they have not been able to narrow down what he might be allergic to.

Chito is looking to spend the rest of his days in a home with someone who can be with him during the day. We are looking for a home with an owner who is retired or who works from home. Chito spends his time napping, going for walks, collecting his toys into a pile, and following his human around wherever they go. Chito is good with other dogs, and although he has not experienced living with a cat, he is such a sweet boy that we do not think it would be an issue. Chito can manage climbing up stairs on his own when he wants to, but we would recommend that his adoptive home mainly carries him up and down big flights of stairs. Chito does not like the cold and snow, so in the winter time he keeps his walks short and his time outdoors to a minimum. Chito is crate trained and doesn’t mind sleeping in his crate for short periods of time when you leave the house, but he is also very well-behaved when left alone to roam the house as well (he never misses a good opportunity to take a nap!). Chito has experience with monthly grooming and is very well-behaved when getting his hair cut.

Overall, Chito is a laid-back senior dog looking to spend his time in a calm environment with somebody next to him. He will make a wonderful companion for somebody who likes to spend their time at home with their dog. For more information about Chito please contact ElderDog Fredericton: or call Riley at 1-506-608-8353.



ADOPT US! | Mini and Cooper are fun-loving 12-year-old Bichon Frisé siblings looking for a new place to call home, since their current human companion has moved into a care facility and is unable to take them with. As well as being brother/sister they are a bonded pair, so they must be adopted together.

Cooper is a big boy (around 35lbs) who LOVES to snuggle with his human(s). Relaxation time is cuddle time on the couch, according to Cooper, and if allowed he would he happiest in bed with his people at night. He fancies himself a knight in shining armour when it comes to his sister, and can be dog-reactive. He does throw his weight around on walks and tends to pull on the leash, so a harness is recommended. The only thing he’s frightened of is thunderstorms and fireworks, but a good place to hide and cry it out is all he needs. Mini is a bit more genteel and likes her personal space. She prefers to sleep in her own dog bed (one large enough to share if Cooper wants to), and relaxation time is spent dozing on the opposite end of the couch where she’s part of the action but not snuggling. She doesn’t enjoy being picked up or held, but she will let you scratch her cheeks for days if you’re so inclined.

Both pups have a very strong prey drive and are highly reactive to squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons and other wildlife. For this reason, a home without cats or small pets would be best. Neither love the car (sometimes Mini experiences car-sickness, and Cooper has sympathy pains) but they can be managed. And while both are crate-trained, their temporary companion corrals them in the kitchen during work days and they prefer the freedom. They are excitable around new people but calm quickly, and they love children. Because of their enthusiasm and size (Mini is approximately 30lbs), their interactions with littles should be supervised.

Mini and Cooper are very healthy seniors who are up to date on their vaccinations. Mini had urinary stones removed six years ago and both are fed Urinary S/O low calorie food to prevent a recurrence. They are energetic and love their twice-daily walks, so a home in which they have a good fenced yard and active companions is ideal.

Mini and Cooper are currently located in Burlington, ON and, at the request of their companion, we are looking for a local adopter (preferably within the Greater Toronto Area). If you are interested in giving this bouncy, bubbly pair a new forever home, please contact April Kilfoyle at or by phone at (905) 749-6790.



ADOPT ME! | SOPHIE is a 12 year old (almost) Puggle who is being rehomed because one of her humans has a physical disability and is unable to continue her care. She currently lives with her Beagle sister, but they are not a bonded pair and Sophie is able and willing to live on her own. Sophie is affectionate and loving once she has come to trust a new person. In fact, she gets so very attached to her human/s that she finds it difficult being left alone for long. However, we feel that she has great potential in a calm home where she is the only pet and can have regular routines, lots of walk time and personal attention. This should be a home where someone is home most of the day to reassure her. At present her nervousness extends to vet visits, nail trims and car rides (and she is occasionally given Alprazolam). She is generally in good health with the exception of mild environmental allergies which are currently controlled with Apoquel when they become acute). She is spayed and up to date on her vaccinations. Sophie spends a good part of the day sleeping, but she really enjoys having her sleep interrupted by a good walk. She gets quite excited and will pull at first, so a harness is advised. She also loves cheese and Kong type toys. She has not been tested with cats, but probably would not be a fan. She is also not keen on small children, excessive noise, or being picked up. But she loves being brushed and snuggles with her human, so a calm home with a senior human companion would be ideal.

Sophie is currently located in Waterdown, ON. Transportation can be arranged for out of province. If you are interested in giving this lovely girl a new forever home, please contact April Kilfoyle at or by phone at (905) 749-6790.