Rocky – The DIGNITY Project

In April of 2014 ElderDog Canada and photographer, Robert MacLellan, launched a photo project called DIGNITY.  

Since then we've photographed some 34 adorable senior canines across various locations in N.S. – a number that grows almost literally every month.  Of those 34 gentle seniors, three have sadly passed away since their session.

Rocky, a 15yr old Silky Terrier, marks the 7th image release from the project – a process that will continue on a regular basis. 

Rocky came to ElderDog when his former loving companion had absolutely no other option but to relocate without him.  As with many people (often seniors entering care facilities), giving up Rocky was a heart-wrenching decision.  As his companion put it at the time, “Giving up Rocky was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.” 

While in ElderDog foster care for several months, Rocky’s advanced years made themselves known as he experienced a number of health issues (including one close call), prior to meeting Cecile, his new forever companion. 

With Cecile’s loving care, Rocky’s health continues to improve. He is able to walk fair distances, a diagnosed heart murmur is under control, and he and Cecile enjoy each other’s quiet companionship.

As Rocky breezed into our temporary studio like he owned the place, it was easy to see why he’s won so many hearts along his life’s journey.  

Within minutes he’d “worked the room” and managed to make new fans even of those who are typically drawn to giant breeds.  As you’ve likely noticed from the image, he also took an immediate affinity to the fan we use to keep models cool on what can become a warm set.

While his mobility may not be ideal and he may be small in stature, Rocky has the presence of a dog 10x his size. 

Please join us in thanking all those organizations who have come forward with logistical support to help make this project possible.


Ardra and Rob