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Jake is a 10-year old Am Staff who weighs in at about 82 pounds of pure love. This beautiful brindle boy has been very well taken care of and loved, receiving vet care throughout his life, being neutered and up-to-date on vaccinations, and having a recent, thorough wellness exam (including x-rays) revealing him to be in excellent health.

Jake is a devoted, loyal companion, who wants nothing more than to have a new home of his own. Although he does well when left alone, he has been described as an owner's best friend. He is sweet, loving, and affectionate, and enjoys sleeping in his owner's bed (but will happily settle for the sofa). This low-to-medium energy gentleman loves lounging throughout most of the day and being pet and cuddled. Jake does enjoy short, small walks, and is good on a leash, but doesn't have the extensive exercise requirements as many of our other dogs. He isn't too crazy over toys, as he loses interest in them very quickly, but he does enjoy the occasional treat. Aside from occasionally being tentative about getting into a car, Jake is a happy passenger. He also does well at the vet's office, where he is beloved.

Jake would be best in a home without other animals or young children. He has been reactive to dogs that have approached him too closely, and he has never been with cats, although he does not appear to have much - if any - prey drive. Jake has never shown any aggression towards children but he'd be better in an adult-only home or a home with children who are teens or older. In his foster home, he has fallen in love with a teen and even sleeps with him! If you may be able to provide Jake the loving home of which he is so deserving, please contact or 1-855-336-4226.


Brock is lovable shepherd/lab mix who is looking for his forever home. His foster mom took him into her care when he was left by his owner who had to go into a nursing home. Despite this, Brock is a happy, loving boy who holds no grudges. The only residual sign from his abandonment is that he can get anxious about whether or not he has food, so he will need to be reassured food will be available to him and may need to work with a trainer to ensure his uncertainty about food does not devolve into food/resource guarding.


Brock is very friendly with people but can be nervous around children so he would be best in an adult only home. He's great with other animals and has lived with two other large-breed dogs beautifully. He is good on a leash and loves to walk, but can pull when excited.  Brock also enjoys a car ride and adventure to the park, but is good when left alone too. This 10-year-old boy is neutered, healthy, and up-to-date on flea/tick prevention and vaccinations.  He is prone to allergies and allergy-related dermatitis, so he needs to be on good quality, grain-free food, and may in the future need to go on Benadryl daily or an antibiotic/anti-inflammatory if he has a flair-up.  Right now, Brock’s allergies are being well-managed by less-allergenic kibble, but when he first came into our care, we had to put him on an antibiotic for a month or so to help clear things up for him.


This boy absolutely loves to cuddle, and may think he is a lapdog despite his large size. He even will try to dance with you if you let him.  He will make someone a very loyal, devoted companion.  If you may be interested in beautiful, sleek Brock, please email




They call me Jack, and I am a handsome Lab/Bernese mix who is looking for a new place to call home. I am a big guy and I adore people so much, love attention and sometimes will forget my manners and jump up to say hello. I also really really like food and get super excited when it is around. So it is best not to leave food around unattended. You can certainly get me to do what you want when food is an incentive. That is why it was easy to teach me so many things - like sit, down, heel, halt. I'm smart and food motivated!

Although I look and act younger than my nine years, I sure do like to be a mature boy, too. I enjoy going for walks, and I am a pleasure to walk with but I also love to just relax with my people. I would love to find a person who is retired and active, or someone who works at home to keep me company. I love other dogs and I even cuddle with calm cats! I love kids, too, but I am very big and strong, and because I get so excited, I am better with teenagers, or adults.

I have been to the vet, and I am in good health, up to date on vaccinations and neutered.

Like all dogs, I yearn for a loving, quiet home where I will have a regular schedule. Do you think you are the lucky one to have me as your new friend? Please contact Tanya in Halifax at or 1-855-336-4226.



Put simply, Harley, a 9-year old female boxer, is one of the sweetest, most affectionate dogs for whom we have had the pleasure of caring. She is a dream with people, being excellent with kids of all ages and adults of all kinds. She truly is a sweetheart. With this in mind, it is unsurprising that Harley is prone to separation anxiety. In foster care, she has shown us that her separation anxiety can be worked on and improved upon with positive reinforcement, desensitization, and keeping to a regular schedule. Even still, Harley's ideal home would be in a household where someone is home often - perhaps somewhere that someone is retired, works from home, works part-time, or has humans that have different schedules.

Don't let Harley's age fool you. Harley will require regular exercise in her new home, so a fenced in yard or a runner/jogger willing to have an on-leash buddy would make Harley very happy. Although Harley is wonderful with humans, she isn't so good with other animals, so we would require her to be the only pet in her new household.

This energetic lovebug who is just under 50 pounds recently had a vet check, and she is healthy, spayed, and up-to-date on her vaccines, dewormer, and flea/heartworm preventative. She has one lump that will require monitoring, but does not require any treatment at this time.

If you are interested in adding this incredibly loyal, loving girl to your family, please contact ElderDog Fredericton Pawd at



Meet Sammy. He is a 10-year old, neutered male beagle with some extra pounds to love. He is a very sociable, laid back kind of guy who gets along with kids and grown-ups alike. We’re not sure on cats, since he has never seen one. He’s not big on exercise, but he does enjoy the snow and walks. And treats...any treats. He walks pretty well on a leash, but does have a tendency to pull. He likes rides in the car, and doesn’t mind the vet or grooming. He is a very sweet boy who will sit beside you and patiently wait for petting.


Sammy has a mild heart murmur, one eye, and is in need of a diet and some good exercise. He has had all his vaccines and is microchipped. He would do best in a fairly quiet home. Currently, Sammy is in foster care in Dartmouth, NS. Please contact Jackie at


You can’t say no to that face!




Meet Turbo! He is a 6-year old Whippet/staff mix. Turbo came into ElderDog’s care in March 2018 as a temporary short term foster while his owner was in the hospital. The foster family fell in love with him describing him as an incredible dog. After he returned home, our wonderful volunteers started walking Turbo, and over the last few months we have gotten to know him very well!

Everyone who meets Turbo loves him. He is simply a great dog. Due to no fault of his own he had to leave his senior companion’s home and is now in the position of having to find a forever home. Turbo is a very affectionate and friendly dog and gets attached very quickly. He gets along well with other dogs of all shapes and sizes and is cohabitating with his foster sibling very nicely. He is not food aggressive, loves people including children, relishes attention and loves to cuddle.  He has been described as “full of love and absolutely awesome”, by his regular dog walkers. They say he is very excitable when he first sees someone he likes but will calm down quickly when given affection. Loves to give kisses and put his paw on your arm. Loves doggie massages and being physically loved.

Turbo is very smart and has been trained so knows basic commands: sit, stay, down, gentle, come. He also is very agile so some of his regular walkers had him jump up on bleachers or benches to practice this. He will walk and run right beside you but you need to tell him to heel...a lot at first because he LOVES new smells. He needs consistency with his training and regular exercise. He was just learning how to play fetch...and he did this by watching other dogs. He is obsessed with orange balls, and will let another dog know he isn’t happy if they try to take away his orange ball.

Turbo is in good health and is up to date in vaccinations and flea//tick protection.

Turbo needs a loving home and an environment that will provide him with stimulation/walks/exercise as he is a strong, muscular dog and is happier when he is active and enjoying life. If you think you can provide this wonderful boy with a home please contact Tanya at