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Hi, I’m CODY, a handsome 13/14 year old Poodle/Bichon X, and I’m looking for new people able to spoil and love me as much as I have been in the past. Despite my age, I have kept my youthful figure (22 lbs) and still like to chase the ball around the yard. Unfortunately, sometimes the ball hides, because my eyesight isn’t quite what it used to be.  I am, I confess, also hard of hearing, but I’m such a good boy verbal commands are rarely necessary. And I do know hand signals. Other than that I’m perfect (okay, I’ve got a tiny bit of arthritis, but I take a supplement for that, and it’s cool) and looking forward to many more years of being someone’s special friend.

My current mom is home all the time, and I have gotten used to not being alone, so when she does go out I do get a bit anxious and whine and pace. So I would definitely like my new home to have humans in it that are perhaps retired and who will keep me company much of the time. Speaking of company, I do much prefer humans to other dogs and especially cats, so I want to be the only pet in the home.

I am all up to date on my shots and tick and flea medications. Going to the groomers is cool, well, the going itself isn’t cool, as cars make me very, very nervous, and I’ve been known to toss my cookies, which is quite embarrassing. When the car is headed for home, I am just fine, so maybe the proper reassurance will cure me of that fear.

I walk well on a harness, but I’m not a fan of other dogs charging at me (I’ve had a couple bad experiences). Can I come live with you? I am currently in Milton, Ontario. Please contact Ilse at



Hello, this is Tigger! He is a Jack/Maltese mix, 11 years old approximately 12-14 lbs. This little guy had both his companions pass on. He is very friendly, loves to cuddle, go for walks and car rides! He loves company but is okay left alone for a little bit. The last few years, Tigger’s owners were not able to care for him well. Because of dementia and other factors, they put a pee band on Tigger most of the time and kept him inside. Unfortunately, now he has a habit of lifting his leg while inside. He has been in foster care and needs someone who would be willing to help retrain little Tigger. It will take patience and love, but the rewards are immense! He presently is recovering from dental surgery in NS; otherwise, is up to date and ready to go! He is looking for his new forever home.
Please contact Sue at



 Hello GYPSY!

GYPSY is a handsome sable coloured 8-year-old, male neutered Husky cross weighing 74.5lb has microchip on flap of ear and is up to date with all shots.

Health and Diet

Gypsy is in good health with no issues present at his health check other than he may have minor hip discomfort. Gypsy is currently on Iams youth, large breed food and gets about 1 ¾ cups per day. He loves home made granola bars as a treat and also shelled peanuts every now and then.

Behaviour and Temperament

Gypsy does very well with other dogs, cats, people and children. He is a very laid back and relaxed fella but shows some signs of being skittish at times. He is house trained but not pee pad trained. He is extremely good when left alone. He is going to need a yard to run in and daily walks. He is not sensitive to loud noises nor does he have a strong prey drive. He knows basic commands like sit, down, stay etc. He is always looking for attention from people and just wants to be loved.

Preferences and Routines

Any treat is a good treat, but he likes homemade peanut butter granola bars and the occasional peanut. He loves toys but his most favorite are his rope and kong toy. Gypsy prefers to be outside when he can be and sleeps inside. Gypsy walks ok on a leash but needs practice and loves car rides. He was well behaved at the vets and the groomers but wasn’t fussy about the hairdryer.

General Notes

Gypsy prefers to be outside, likely due to the fact that he spent a great deal of time in a run with his friend Caleb but will come in when called. If he is inside too long, he will begin to pace. He is a very friendly, well behaved dog and hardly barks. He needs to work on his recall. He loves to get attention from his people and loves playing in water. He is a very smart dog and picks up routines easily. Gypsy would do well in a home with another dog or cats as companions and would need a yard to run in, along with daily exercise.

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