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Hello! We are Ozzie and Zack, two 11 year old rocker dude Shih-tzus looking for a new forever home.

I’m Ozzie (Osborne), and I am the handsome black fella with the snaggle-tooth. I have a bit of arthritis in my back legs, but it doesn’t slow me down or impede my travels at all.

Zack (Wylde) is the stunning blonde boy who has a dazzling smile and no health issues at all. He's quite the kisser.

We have seen our vet and we are in excellent health. We have a bit of tartar on our teeth but a dental stick twice a week should do the trick. We have had a few teeth removed already but we still have great smiles as you can see.

Our mom passed away and we went to live with our Grandma but then she had to go into a nursing home. Now we are in foster care.

We love walks, car rides, treats, cuddling and sleeping. We are pretty laid back and easy going, just happy to be with our people. We are located in Fredericton, New Brunswick and are ready to be re-homed together (we are bonded) right away. We will be a joyful addition to any family. We have been around children, although not very small children in several years.

Please contact ElderDog Canada: Fredericton Pawd at if you are interested in giving us a forever home. 



This lovable father and son duo will make someone very happy. Words can’t describe how loveable and adorable they are! Bizoo (father) is a 15-year old, neutered, 15 lbs. Bichon who is in good health and surprisingly energetic for his age.  Benji (son) is a 10-year old, neutered, 25 lbs. Shih Tzu / Bichon mix who is the cuddling specialist of the two. These two are a bonded pair and get along very well, so we are looking for a home where they can be loved together and bring happiness and unconditional love to their new owners.  

Bizoo recently had dental surgery and several teeth extracted. He is once again happily “chewing” on bones. Understandably for his age, Bizoo can sometimes have a bit of stiffness in his back hips, although usually he is very mobile and moves with ease like a much younger dog. Benji is recovering from the removal of bladder stones. Within hours of surgery it was as though nothing had happened. These are tough little guys whose lives have turned around with medical care. They are now ready for a loving forever home.

Both dogs love to get outdoors for walks. They would thrive on a daily exercise program and are wonderful car travellers.

Around people, they are excited and attention seeking. They are both very friendly and loveable with a playful attitude and no shyness at all.

Bizoo and Benji are used to sleeping in their person’s bed. Benji especially loves to cuddle at night; Bizoo is happy in a dog bed close by. 

Bizoo and Benji are great around other dogs of any size but do not like cats.

The home which would best suit these loveable guys is one where their humans are loving and attentive and home most of the time, since that is what they are used to. 

Bizoo and Benji currently are near Halifax, NS. If you are interested in learning more about Bizoo and Benji please contact



This His and Hers little couple is looking for a new home together.

RAXI is a sweet affectionate boy. He is 10 years old and has always lived with IZZY. He is a neutered male Toy American Eskimo. He's a little hard of hearing and only has two teeth left after his dentistry. He is good with people, other dogs, in the car AND loves cuddling. He is good on a leash and walks well but that is not his favourite thing to do. He would rather be with his person all day long! He has been with his foster Mom for a month and she tells us he's very good at letting her know when she's wandered too far or if something is approaching, but would likely settle well once he knew he was home to stay. Being the baby of the pair, he is more dependent on IZZY than she is on him.

IZZY is a quaint little mature lady. She is 11 years old and is spayed. She checked out very healthy at her vet visit but will need dentistry in the coming year or so. She is quite well adjusted and although she takes time to warm up to new people and is a little timid, she is very affectionate once she does! She loves her walks and is more independent than RAXI. She would be okay in a home with someone that was away for some of the day but loves attention too. She loves car rides and toys. Her beautiful fluffy coat needed to be shaved but will grow back in time.

To the best of our knowledge, neither dog has spent any time around small children so we are unsure of how they would react in that situation; however, they have seen some small children while in foster care and seemed intrigued.

If YOU, or someone you know, is interested in learning more about this pair of pups, please drop us a line at: Can't adopt right now? Then please share this post with all of your Facebook friends.



Mufasa is an 8-year old Golden Retriever/Pekinese mix currently in foster care in Kings County, NS and looking for a new forever home. His family had to move to a place that would not allow dogs. Mufasa is very friendly and loveable. He is great with other dogs, cats and children. He is a little possessive of his food if other animals try to get too close but otherwise is very polite. A quick "No" when he approached the cat’s dish was all it took for Mufasa to walk away. He is great off-leash when walking and biking off-road. He just follows along. When on-leash he pulls slightly but nothing that could not be easily corrected. Travelling in the car is not his favourite thing but, after a few trips, he could quite quickly grow to like it. Mufasa is a wonderful "little big dog" who will fit in easily wherever he goes. If you can imagine waking up each morning to this sweet face, please contact Nancy at



Romo is a smallish, elderly (10+) Boxer but don’t let that fool you. He is quite an alpha male and will need a strong minded person to make sure he listens. He is very smart and knows sit, lie down and shake a paw. Romo is a quiet dog, seldom barks. He loves being outside, lying in the sun.  He can jump really high so will need a well fenced yard. He hates squirrels and basically any small animals and does not like other dogs. He has a very high prey drive. 

Out of necessity, he is currently being boarded in a kennel and surrounded by dogs so this stresses him out. The kennel master has made the suggestion that he wear a light rubber muzzle when walking anywhere he might possibly encounter another dog, for his protection and yours. He needs to be the one and only animal in the household and will do well with someone with love, patience and understanding who is home most of the time to shower him with attention which he will return to you ten-fold. 

Romo is an affectionate fellow and calmly greets new people. He loves the car and travels well, quietly riding in the back. Romo has no known health issues at this time.

We are looking for a forever or foster home for him so he can get away from the kennel environment that stresses him. Please contact Lynne at



Lulu is an older Boxer (10+) needing a very special home. She is currently being boarded at a kennel as we have not yet been successful in finding her a forever home. This is quite stressful for her as she is not fond of other dogs and, at the kennel, she is surrounded by them.

Lulu is a sweet old girl, affectionate and quiet. She enjoys walks on leash, comes when called but tires quickly from any activity. She loves car rides and is an excellent traveller, quiet and settled in the vehicle.

Recently, Lulu has experienced quite severe and sudden weight loss and incontinence (bladder) issues. She was thoroughly checked out by our vet and her bloodwork is normal and x-rays showed no sign of cancer. It did show us that she has some fusing of vertebrae common to older dogs. She is now on new medication for her incontinence and we are hoping this will help her. The vet also suggested we try a high calorie food, such as puppy food, to try and get some weight back on her. So far, she is not fond of the brand we chose.

Lulu also has a high prey drive and zero tolerance for small animals of any species; therefore, she must be the one and only animal in the household. She also needs a secure, fenced yard. Our kennel master has suggested that it might be a good idea for safety reasons, hers as well as others, that she wear a rubber muzzle when there is any chance of her coming across another dog. 

We believe that she is in the later stages of her life and that we will need a very compassionate foster or forever home for her as she progresses towards her final destination. A kennel environment is not what she needs right now. If you can help Lulu please contact Lynne at