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My name is JoJo, I am a 13 year old Sheltie/Corgi mix. My owner recently lost his wife and now has to move into a nursing home, so he can no longer look after me. I may be a senior but I still love going for walks and rides in the car. I do have some cataracts and hearing loss, like most seniors, but that doesn’t slow me down. I have lived with a cat, and I bark when meeting dogs, initially, due to my low vision. In my ideal home I’d be the only fur-baby, and have lots of attention and belly rubs, and a fenced back yard would be fabulous. I’m good alone for short periods, so maybe there’s a retired senior out there who would love some quiet company. Currently, JoJo is in NS but transportation could be arranged out of province. If you know of anyone interested in JoJo, please contact Lyn Thorne at









Meet River!

This nine-year old Mastiff cross is from Campbell River, BC and is looking for a new forever home. His owner’s health is declining and unfortunately he cannot care for this big sweet boy the way he would like to. As you can see, there is a lot to love with this big teddy bear! He’s 90 lbs, active, and loves pretty much everyone! He’s great with most other dogs and children but, given the chance, he tends to chase cats. He is a very healthy boy, has no health issues, and has all of his vaccines up to date.  River is used to being around people most of the day but his owner has indicated he is okay on his own during the day for periods of time –as long as you make sure you don’t leave a window or door open! A fenced yard with supervision would be ideal for this dog! If you may be interested in adopting River, or want more information, please email Airan at NOTE: 

Due to long distance travel, we are welcoming applications only from British Columbia and Alberta.





Say hello to Molly, a very sweet 8 year old Lab/Collie mix.  Molly’s family is moving out of the country and now she is looking for her forever home. Molly weighs approximately 70 lbs and is a very healthy girl, spayed and up-to-date on her vaccinations. She is a very kind and loving dog who likes people and is excellent with children. She enjoys lots of attention. She’s  good with dogs in the park but prefers to be off leash when she’s with them. She’s not a big fan of cats and will chase them if the opportunity came up. She’s  good on a leash and halti but needs work on her recall. She gets excited when she sees the vet but doesn’t mind being handled or having her nails trimmed. Her morning ritual is going for a walk, eating breakfast, getting groomed, and having her teeth brushed. Molly loves to be in the backyard where she’ll sunbathe, sniff and sleep. She likes to play with her squeaky toys and sit with you while you’re watching TV.  She’s good in the car as long as the window is open.


Molly would do well with a working or retired family who could give her lots of attention and exercise and a fenced in backyard where she can relax and enjoy the rays. She would make a great companion for a child who would like nothing more than to love a furry friend. If you feel Molly would be a great addition to your family, please call our toll free number 1-855-336-4226 or send an email to Joyce at




A sweet 16-year young Lab/Collie mix needing a home as soon as possible. She may be more mature in her years, but she's a ball of love who has so much to offer and would like us to tell you she's young at heart. At her last vet check, just a few days ago, she was still deemed in great health, with mere age related arthritis, and diminished eye sight. Both conditions she gets medication for to help keep in check. She gets her nails trimmed regularly, and loves to be paid attention to! Chloe has lived with cats and is friendly with everyone, including children. We aren't so sure about other dogs, but appears ok. She's fully house trained, is used to being free to go in and out, but stays close to home. She knows where the love is! She enjoys short walks, car rides, and loves music! Her favourite thing tho is to just be with her peeps! She is still very spry for her age, and would do well in a retirement home where she can be loved and spoiled in her golden years.

Chloe is in Nova Scotia and, because of her more advanced age, we would like to keep her travel short. If you would like to give Chloe the home she deserves, please call 1-855-336-4226, or contact Cindy at






This handsome dog’s name is Mac, and he is Fredericton’s latest dog in need of a forever home. Mac is an (almost) 8 year old Husky/Shepherd mix, and weighs in at approximately 115 pounds. Mac has been well cared for throughout his life as a family dog, and is now looking for the perfect home to spend the rest of his golden years.

Mac requires a home able to provide him with the mental and physical stimulation he needs. Aside from early signs of arthritis in his hips, Mac is healthy and up to date on all vaccinations. Mac does suffer from anxiety and can be destructive when left alone during the day all by himself. For this reason, we would love to find Mac a home where he will have a human companion by his side throughout the day. Mac will wander if not leashed, and therefore we are looking for a home with a fenced-in yard if possible. Mac does well with other large dogs, and we think having a dog-sibling would be great for Mac to help him handle his anxiety, especially when left alone. Mac does have a strong prey drive and given his large size, he would not do well in a home with cats or other small animals. Mac also pulls when walking on leash, therefore his next owner will need to be able to handle walking a dog of his size. Mac should not go to a home with young children.

Once Mac warms up to you and forms a bond, he is a loving dog who just wants to spend his time with his person. If you or someone you know can provide the loving home Mac deserves, or if you are looking
for more information, please email ElderDog Fredericton at elderdogfredericton@gmail.




Meet Jolie, a beautiful spayed Shepherd-Collie mix weighing approximately 45 lbs.  She just turned 10 years old in September.  She is up-to-date on all her vaccinations, flea and tick and heartworm.  She takes a fish oil supplement to help her with the arthritis in her leg.     

Jolie is a gentle soul with a very sweet, easygoing personality. She doesn’t bark when someone comes to the door but she will wag her tail to greet you. She doesn’t mind her visits to the vet and is very cooperative during her checkups. She knows basic commands and understands many words such as food, treat, car, walk.  She’s afraid of thunderstorms and will pace and whine when she knows one is coming.  A little reassurance and an ear scratch will calm her down.  She loves attention but isn’t pushy and belly rubs are the best. She likes to sleep on the floor in her owner’s bedroom with the door open. She prefers short leisurely walks along the trail. She is good both on and off leash, always looking around to make sure you’re there. She can only run in short bursts so it is easy to catch up to her if she finds something that looks tasty. She likes car rides and with a little help, will quickly jump in when the door is open. She lived with another dog all her life and gets along with the ones in her foster home but has become protective of her food when the other dogs are nearby. She’s been around cats and is very well behaved around people; however, she’s never been around children so we’re not sure how she would react towards them.      

Jolie loves to be with her people and has some separation anxiety when left alone for long periods of time. She would do well with a retired family or someone who is home most of the time. We’re hoping she can find a home with no pets or small children where she can get all the love and attention she deserves in her golden years. Jolie is currently located in Burlington, ON. She is used to travelling as she originally came from Manitoba. Transportation can be arranged for out of province. If you are looking for a quiet, easygoing, awesome companion whose favorite pastime is cuddling with you, this is your girl.  Anyone interested in adopting this sweetheart, please contact Joyce Clark at or call 1-855-336-4226