As mentioned in an earlier post, in April of 2014 ElderDog Canada and photographer, Robert MacLellan, launched a photo project called DIGNITY. Since then we've photographed some 24 adorable senior canines over four locations in N.S. – and that number continues to grow.

Sadly, two of our models, Venus and Martin, have passed away since their respective shoots. As a result, the decision was made to make the first two image releases from the project to be samples from their photo sessions. 

This decision was made not only to honour their memories and illustrate what the project is doing, but also to stress the importance of capturing those memories before it’s too late – regardless of how it was done or by whom.

Venus, a 12 yr. old American Staffordshire was welcomed into the home of Anita when the death of her loving owner suddenly left her homeless. 

Prior to his death, Venus and her owner, a security guard, were near constant companions, spending virtually every moment together. So much so that she often accompanied him to work. 

Diagnosed with terminal cancer just prior to the launch of the project, Venus was pulled forward in the schedule for a solo shoot when the initial stages of her palliative care took a downturn. 

Photographed at our location in May, Venus took to the process like a champ and spent her shooting breaks wanting to play with Rob and Heather’s Irish Wolfhounds – and investigating every one of Finley’s yard excavations.

This photo, carefully selected from among many, encapsulates the theme of the entire project. When we look at this photo of Venus, we see DIGNITY. Anita’s words say the rest.

Please stay tuned between now and August 16th for a release from Martin’s shoot and our sincere condolences to all those feeling the loss of both of these cherished companions.

Also, please join us in thanking all those organizations who have come forward help make this project possible.


Ardra and Rob