In April of 2014 ElderDog Canada and photographer, Rob MacLellan launched a photo project called DIGNITY.  Since then we've photographed some 24 adorable senior canines over four locations in N.S. – and that number continues to grow.

The first two image released from the project, of Venus and Martin, were made on August 7th and 13th respectively.  

On August 19th, we conducted a CTV Live interview on the DIGNITY project (http://atlantic.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=419276) at which time we supplied three additional “sneak peek” images for the broadcast – two of which were shown. As a result, we‘ve decided to release those three samples over the coming weeks.  

Ranger, now 14, entered this world as a Humane Society puppy. When, after some 12 years, his loving adoptive parents passed away, Ranger was eagerly taken in by a family member, who fully intended to give him a loving home for the remainder of his life. 

When a sudden change in circumstances required Ranger’s companion to move to a ‘pet unfriendly’ location, she had to make the difficult decision to find a new home for 13 year old Ranger. Enter ElderDog.

While otherwise healthy, Ranger does have hind-end weakness and mobility issues that affect his ability to use stairs easily. This did not deter his current companions, Jen and Greg, from immediately adopting him.  

Ranger’s first day at his new home was spent watching Greg constructing a ramp to ease his movement in and out of the house. Since then he’s basically had the Life of Riley.

Fourteen or not, Ranger (stairs aside) is VERY puppy-like in his behavior – as we saw during his shoot. On any given day he can be found pushing his mobility to the limits (and turning back years) playing in a large local park. He’s also spent his free time training Greg to be his personal interior stair/elevator on ‘request’. No one will admit if treats were involved or not.

To quote Jen: “He’s hilarious. He gives us so much more than we give him. We’re the lucky ones to have him in our lives.”

Photographed at Vetcetera Animal Hospital (http://www.vetcetera-vet.com/) against two different setups, including black, this photo was selected for release to CTV as it nicely encapsulates both the DIGNITY aspect of the project and Ranger’s puppy-like character. 

Thanks very much for reading this and viewing Ranger’s picture.  Also, please join us in thanking all those organizations who’ve come forward to help make this project possible, including project partner Vetcetera, who donated access to the space used for Ranger’s shoot.


Ardra and Rob