Maggie & Susie – The DIGNITY Project

In April of 2014 ElderDog Canada and photographer, Robert MacLellan, launched a photo project called DIGNITY.  Since then we've photographed some 24 adorable senior canines across various locations in N.S. – and that number grows monthly. Sadly, three of those gentle canines have passed away since their shoots.

Of our 24 models, we’ve released sample images from four so far, and today we take that number to six with a very special release – a dynamic duo that are up for adoption. 

Susie (brown) and Maggie (white) are eight-year old sisters who were adored and cared for since birth by their human companion who sadly died following a lengthy illness. According to a family member, both dogs were invaluable in the emotional support they provided their owner and the family during their companion’s illness. 

Following the passing of their owner, Maggie and Susie needed special foster care to prepare them for a forever home and an ElderDog volunteer stepped forward and worked her loving magic.

Intact when adopted, the volunteer cared for them through their recovery from their late-in-life spay surgery, provided much-needed exercise and refresher training, and most of all, gave them the love and security needed while they adjusted to life without their life-long human companion.

Roughly two years ago, Maggie and Susie were adopted into what was thought to be a life-long home. Unfortunately, such was not the case. ElderDog very recently received news that a new home was needed and “the girls” have returned to foster care as they await a new forever home.

As the photo clearly illustrates, not only are they adorable but, having been through so much, also are inseparable ‘BFFs’ who have formed their own mutual support structure. They rarely stray far from one another – so much so they really needed to be photographed together.  

That said, the conditions they set also lead to a picture that truly captures the essence of their relationship.  Like ‘they‘ say, never argue with the talent.

Both girls are sweet-tempered, well-adjusted and healthy dogs. Susie will even smile on command and Maggie, not wanting to be outdone (and recognizing the attention Susie gets when she smiles), has learned to produce a half-grin in response. 

The right forever home might just widen that grin into a full smile!

If you think you make a suitable forever home for this pair of remarkable ladies, please contact Ardra Cole at or Rob MacLellan at

Also, please join us in thanking all those organizations who have come forward with logistical support to help make this project possible.

Ardra and Rob