Jake – DIGNITY Project 

Starting in April 2014, The DIGNITY project photographed over 40 senior dogs across donated locations in Nova Scotia  to help raise awareness of the issues facing elderly K9s and to aid ElderDog Canada. 

Today marks the 16th image release from the project – Jake, a black lab mix (with at least one very large biological parent).

Now 10, Jake was adopted and transplanted to N.S. as a pup after being surrendered to foster care in a predominantly Francophone area of New Brunswick (the distinction is important later). 

As a, cough, rather strong-willed, pup Jake was something of a challenge for his owners, Brian & Dorothy, to train.   Out of sheer will, he would (and still does) turn up his nose at training bribes if he felt they had ‘conditions’ attached. 

In other words, a treat for a treat’s sake – golden. A treat to do (or stop doing) something – maybe not so much. 

He also seemed to fail to understand even the most basic commands until Brian (an Anglophone) had an epiphany – any and all of Jake’s prior training (or attempts thereof) would have been in French.

From there on in, after some French - English - K9 translation, time and love Jake came around and has proven to be a loyal and beloved member of the household and a treasured friend to Brian & Dorothy’s daughter, Natalie and her family.  

As some health issues and an eventual move by Dorothy to Northwood’s Ivany Place in Bedford took place, Jake would greet arriving caregivers and use his self-acquired skill of opening the door to let them (and their condition-free food) in.  

When not at Brian’s’ side or enjoying his love of walks with the extended family on their 450 acre blueberry/sugar bush property, Jake can be found at Dorothy’ s feet when she’s home for visits. 

To quote Natalie:

“Jake is one of the fortunate ones.  He is an elder dog, living with his elder person, in an extended family situation.  And here he'll stay no matter what the future holds for my parents.“

We’d like to thank all those who supported the project and those who continue to support ElderDog Canada and the cause of the senior K9.

 Ardra & Rob