Isaac – DIGNITY Project 

Starting in April 2014, The DIGNITY project has photographed over 40 senior dogs across N.S.  to help raise awareness of the issues facing elderly K9s and to aid ElderDog Canada in its efforts. 

Of those 40+ dogs, only 14 sample images have been released to date. Today we present #15–Isaac (aka ‘Wuvie’) a Bernese Mountain Dog or ‘Berner’.

While 12 may not seem that old, giant breed dogs such as Berners, Wolfhounds, Newfs, and Danes typically see life spans in the high single digits. A 12- year old Bernese is very senior – and a blessing for the owner.

That being said, 12 years old or not, Isaac sauntered on to our set at Ivany Place in Bedford like he owned it.  Neither age, cataracts, uncooperative legs nor, shall we say, some ‘selective hearing’ issues  were going to hold him back.

When Isaac’s companion, Sara, first laid eyes on him 12 years ago it was love at first sight. She immediately knew that she had found the dog she had been waiting for.  

Over the years they have formed a team that has seen many life changes. “Throughout it all,” says Sara, “the one constant was his utter devotion and love for me – and me for him.”

As a youngster,  Isaac naturally loved being in the middle of all family activity; now  he’s content to watch from the sidelines – alert for anything interesting (read treats) from the comfort of his orthopedic bed. 

Despite legs that don’t work the way they once did, nothing stops Isaac from one long established daily ritual – greeting Sara when she gets home every day. First Isaac greets Sara with a deep, welcoming bark from his place on the porch and then begins a slow, tail-wagging, saunter over to greet her. As for Sara, she lovingly waits for him at the door to complete his journey so that they can walk together. As Sara says: 

“There is nothing like an older dog to remind you to slow your life down and try and enjoy the moment.  What’s 5 minutes? I would rather spend it walking slowly with Wuvie pushing his cold, wet nose into my hand as we head for the house than making that walk by myself.”

If you’d like to support the DIGNITY project, now in its closing stages, please contact us at any time.


Ardra & Rob