Hudson – DIGNITY Project 

Starting in April 2014, The DIGNITY project photographed over 40 senior dogs across donated locations in Nova Scotia to help raise awareness of the issues facing elderly K9s, their owners and to aid ElderDog Canada. 

Today marks the 17th image release from the project of Hudson, a Belgian Shepherd.  It also tragically serves as memorial to Hudson, who passed away just over a week ago at the age of 14.

An expat from the UK, Hudson immigrated at the age of 5 with his companion, Cara.  By sheer happenstance, he was the only remaining male in his litter when Cara decided a male ‘Belgian’ was the friend she was looking for. 

It would be prove to be a stroke of fortune for both of them as he quickly became Cara’s beloved companion and stalwart friend across 1.5 decades, two countries and as many continents

Once in Canada he also became the much-loved customer relations manager at her glass foundry, The Glass Bakery, on Nova Scotia’s South Shore.  

A fixture at the shop, Hudson would great customers with flourish – curiously showing little interest in puppies & toddlers, but a remarkable affinity for seniors – of both species.  

He also had a rather interesting habit of investigating open car doors for treats (obviously) intended for him or furry toys in need of ‘liberation’ –  including one from an MLA’s car.

When not at work or trying to pass himself off as a lapdog at home, Hudson’s pastime was the beach. When years made limbs uncooperative, sheer will would take him to the end of his fave stretch of sand with Cara. 

That and rolling in the foulest-smelling gunk he could find.

Just under a year ago, Hudson fought back from an illness that should have ended his time with Cara.  While Mother Nature cannot be beaten, his remarkable determination allowed him another 10 high-quality months in the company of his best friend before no amount of willpower could make any difference.

To quote Cara:

“He was my right-hand, my safe-haven, my joy and my entertainment. An anchor to a world that now makes even less sense – he was home. He answered to many different names and terms of endearments, but ultimately he was my Angel, My Sunshine and My Life.”

We’d like to thank all those who supported the project and those who continue to support ElderDog Canada and the cause of the senior K9.


Ardra and Rob