Heidi – DIGNITY Project 

Starting in April 2014, the DIGNITY project has photographed senior dogs across Nova Scotia to help raise awareness of the challenges facing elderly K9s, their (often) senior owners and to aid ElderDog Canada. 

Shooting for the project is currently winding-down, with but two shoots remaining – the first of which is scheduled for mid-January in the HRM.  Upon completion, DIGNITY will have photographed roughly 60 senior dogs – many of whom are sadly no longer with us.

Heidi is the 18th image release from the project and was (literally) one of the first models shot for the project. 

A 13-year old Miniature Schnauzer, Heidi came under ElderDog’s care when her elderly companions were given the diagnosis she was diabetic.  

Concerned that they could not care for her to the degree needed, ElderDog Canada was contacted and volunteers scheduled twice daily to administer the required insulin injections. 

When her companions later needed to move to assisted living, ElderDog volunteers Jerry and Vicki (seniors themselves), stepped up to welcome Heidi into their home. 

That being said, Jerry actively keeps the ‘two family love‘ for Heidi in full swing –maintaining regular contact with her former companions and arranging visits at their seniors’ residence. 

While Heidi unfortunately lost her sight to cataracts not long after the shoot, it hasn’t slowed her down one iota.  Showing that steadfast adaptability so characteristic of K9s, she still plays like a maniac with Jerry and Vicki’s other dogs and is a fixture at ElderDog events. 

Sadly, Mother Nature tends to compound challenges as we age. 

In Heidi’s case, she was also recently diagnosed with “canine cognitive dysfunction” (think human dementia).  While her care has become a bit more complex & challenging as a result, Jerry and Vicki ,like Heidi, remain undaunted. 

One of the tenderest moments at her shoot was when Jerry held Heidi in his lap while he gently brushed her hair to make sure she looked perfect for her photo. It paid off.

We’d like to thank all those businesses and individuals who’ve supported the project over its course. Your thoughtfulness & consideration will not be forgotten. 


Ardra and Rob