Buttercup – The DIGNITY Project

In April of 2014 ElderDog Canada and photographer, Robert MacLellan, launched a photo project known as DIGNITY.  Since then we've photographed 34 adorable senior canines over 5 shoots at 4 donated locations – and counting.

Below we have Buttercup, our 8th image released from the project – and our oldest model to date.  

Currently 20, Buttercup has been at Joan’s side since being rescued 11 years ago.  Over those years, Joan has opened her home to some 40 foster dogs – and Buttercup has reigned over them all. 

When Joan describes Buttercup as the ‘matriarch‘ of the house, who rules over all things canine, we have no trouble believing her. Upon entering our donated studio at Vetcetera Animal Hospital for her shoot, Buttercup quickly let every other K9, senior or pup, know who was running this particular little BBQ. 

Joan insists that Buttercup’s “big dog lifestyle” of daily long beach walks and hikes in the company of larger dogs was crucial in keeping her young and healthy. 

That said, as the years accumulate, Buttercup does find herself ruling over her domain from the comfort of the couch with increasing frequency.  

When not there, she can be found frequenting Joan ‘s (and BC’s) favourite shops where she enjoys the attention deserving of such a senior.

According to Joan, Buttercup “has been a gift everyday I've had her.” We think the feeling is mutual.

This sample, selected from among many during Buttercup’s session, was Joan’s favourite as she felt it captured Buttercup as she sees her everyday in her ‘role’. 

Please join us in thanking all those organizations, such as Vetcetera, that have helped make this project possible by offering their facilities as studio locations for the day.


Ardra and Rob