Announcing DIGNITY a Partnership Project 
ElderDog Canada and Robert MacLellan, Photographer

ElderDog Canada is thrilled to be collaborating with noted photographer, Robert MacLellan, on DIGNITY: a visual exploration of the dignity, grace and beauty of the senior canine and the essential bond between seniors and their canine companions.

The project and partnership reflects our mutual commitment to honouring the connection between aging dogs and aging people.

Robert MacLellan is known for his photographic work with animals. He has a love of and respect for older animals and is sensitive to the care challenges often present during illness and end of life. Robert and his partner, Heather, however, are companions to giant and large breed dogs “and with Irish Wolfhounds,” he says, “there is no slow aging process to be part of, nor any gradual approach to the inevitable. They pass from us almost as quickly as they grow.” The Dignity Project is Robert’s way of gaining insights into and honouring the aging process that he often doesn’t see outside the environment of a photoshoot.

DIGNITY will strive to illustrate the ageless dignity of the senior dog and the strong emotional and mutually supportive nature of the bond between seniors and their canine companions.

Starting in April and continuing through 2014, we will be organizing photo shoots in Nova Scotian communities (and perhaps further afield). As the project rolls-out, various results of the project will be used in multiple forms to raise funds for and awareness of ElderDog’s work. Stay tuned for ongoing updates on the project.

The stunning photography of Robert MacLellan can be seen and

Information about ElderDog at: and

If you are or know of a senior with a dog who might be interested in being part of the project or if you wish to explore contributing to or becoming part of the project in some other capacity, please drop a line to either or and we'll start a conversation.