“It often happens that
 a man is more humanly
 related to a cat or a dog
 than to any human being.”

 - Henry David Thoreau

The Animal-Human Bond

Our commitment to provide education and educational opportunities related to the human-animal bond is significant. To this end we:

  • Distribute information via Internet and print media about the human-animal bond
  • Are partnered with a Canadian book publisher and offer a book publishing program on the human-animal bond for both young and adult readers
  • Provide information sessions and seminars to community care organizations about the role of companion animals in seniors’ lives
  • Present research opportunities for college and university students and others interested in exploring elements of the human-animal bond
  • Offer a range of volunteer activities and projects for adults of all ages
  • Link with other human-animal bond organizations

ElderDog representatives are available to make presentations or provide information about the important role of dogs in seniors' lives as well as about ElderDog in general.

If you know of a community event or group who would like to hear more about ElderDog Canada please contact us.