“I love a dog.
 He does nothing
 for political reasons.”

 - Will Rogers



Corporate Sponsors
Please contact us to arrange a time to discuss ways in which your organization might partner with ElderDog to support its goals and activities.

Individual Sponsors
To sponsor a special project or activity please contact us.

To sponsor the care of a dog in our Older Dog Care Program, please provide contribution information below. If the sponsorship is a gift on someone else’s behalf, please provide the gift recipient’s name and address along with your own.

You can either specify a dog you would like to sponsor or leave it to us to match your contribution to an elder dog’s care needs. You and the gift recipient will receive a photograph and story about the elder dog you have sponsored.

$100.00 helps to provide food and daily care
$150.00 helps with costs of basic veterinary care
$250.00 helps cover costs of emergency veterinary care
$375.00 helps with hospitalization costs
$500.00 contributes to costs of cremation and commemoration