“No matter how little money or how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich.”

 - Louis Sabin


Planned Gifts & Perpetual Care

Love and companionship are the true gifts that keep on giving. Anyone who has shared life with a companion animal, or who has experienced or observed the significant role that companion animals play in the health and well-being of seniors, knows the power of the human-animal bond.

Your financial, retirement, and estate planning can involve long-term and perpetual care for your canine companion. With a little planning you can pay tribute in perpetuity to the very special relationship of love, loyalty, and companionship that you now share with your dog or you can honour the memory of a relationship that you still carry in your heart.

Sadly, the physical bond between human and companion animal is all-too-often cut short. Seniors losing capacity for self-care and relocating to a non-pet friendly residential facility must reluctantly leave behind their devoted companions. Sometimes their dogs also are old and not so adoptable. In other cases, people who are aging resist the desire to form a bond with a canine companion, uncertain of how the dog will be cared for in the event of their illness or death.

One of ElderDog Canada’s main goals is to provide care for older dogs who have lost a human companion and perpetual care for dogs whose human companions have left a legacy to provide such care.

Planned Giving and Perpetual Care Options include:

  • recurring donation to ElderDog Canada (monthly or quarterly)
  • financial gift of care for a specific dog or dogs
  • financial gift to support a special ElderDog project of your choosing
  • bequest in your will to ensure the care and well-being of your canine companion in perpetuity
  • bequest in your will to name ElderDog Canada as a beneficiary of your estate
  • dedicated gift or legacy in memory or honour of a specific dog, human-canine relationship, or to commemorate the human-animal bond in general.

For donations and bequests: our legal name of entity is ElderDog Canada Inc. as evidenced by our certificate of Incorporation. Charity # 832404057RR0001; Corporation # 453581-2.

Gifts will be installed on the grounds of ElderDog Canada or at Place to Paws – the commemorative site for ElderDog Canada.

Ideas for gifts include:

  • a bench, sculpture, mural, or water fountain
  • a garden area, shade tree, or natural pond
  • a paved walkway or trail and landscaping of surrounding area
  • a walking trail bridge or boardwalk
  • a billboard announcing ElderDog Canada and its service
  • a specific building project
  • artwork, furniture, or features for Place to Paws such as stained glass, doors, or seating

For more information about arranging for Planned Gifts & Perpetual Care through ElderDog Canada, please contact us.