“Dogs are miracles
 with paws.”

 - Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy

About Us

Our Vision and Mission

ElderDog Vision

To honour and preserve the animal-human bond through care, companionship, research, and education.

ElderDog Mission

ElderDog Canada Inc. is a national, community-based, non-profit organization with a mission to:

  • assist and support older adults in the care and well-being of their canine companions
  • provide care and companionship for older dogs whose lives have been disrupted due to illness or death of a human companion
  • educate health and animal care professionals and the general public of all ages about the human-animal bond in general and the significant role of companion animals in the health and well-being of seniors in particular
  • support and conduct research into the human-animal bond with a focus on seniors and canine companionship