“A dog is the only
 thing on earth that
 loves you more than
 you love yourself.”

  - Josh Billings

About Us

Our Values

The following principles reflect the
values of ElderDog and guide all programs, activities, and practices in
the service of the ElderDog vision. This is our Credo.

Dignity. We believe that people and animals, regardless of circumstance, health, and age, are worthy of respect and deserve to be treated in a way that honours them as valued individuals.

Respect. We are committed to
providing care to animals and support
for animal-human companionship based
on a person/dog-centred ethic of care.

Health and Well-being. We believe that health and well-being is enhanced by ongoing attention to appropriate nutrition, exercise, love, and companionship. At ElderDog we strive to provide a healthy, balanced life for dogs in our care and to support healthy aging of older adults through the preservation of their relationships with their canine companions.

Comfort. We are committed to a standard of care for dogs in later life that is responsive to individual physical and emotional needs. Our efforts to keep seniors and their canine companions together is based on our knowledge of the many ways that dogs bring comfort to seniors’ lives.

Quality of Life. Mindful of the many physical, emotional, and social benefits of companion animals for older adults, we strive to make it possible for older adults and their canine companions to live together as long as is reasonable in healthy, mutually beneficial relationships.

Tribute. We acknowledge the invaluable role that dogs play in humans’ lives and how deeply they are missed when they pass on. We endeavour to appropriately commemorate elder dogs in our care and honour the animal-human bond in general.

Integrity. We are committed to operating with honesty, respect, care, and compassion and a deep regard for a principled process in all aspects of the ElderDog organization.

Sustainability. Sustainability in all aspects of the ElderDog organization is paramount and is both an individual and organizational leadership responsibility. We are dedicated to developing sustainable programs and activities in the service of our vision. This includes transportation, use of products and resources, and financial responsibility.